A Unity3D tech project!

- Click to move/attack/interact

- Right click and drag to rotate camera 

- Scroll to zoom camera

- Click the Full Screen tab for the best experience

Please share your feedback, bug finds, and the like!

Any bugs, improvements, or additional features can be reported as an issue here: https://github.com/Addikins/RPG-Tech-Demo/issues

I am a C# programmer learning by building small projects like this. This is purely educational and all assets are either creative commons or the authors gave permission to use their assets for educational purposes.

All code is written by my hands, aside from that of shaders, VFX, and default Unity code. Everything that works together was written by me. Based on and inspired by the courses made from the great people at GameDevTV!

I am in the job market for junior developer roles, especially in the games industry. In addition to the projects on Itch.io, I also have created several static websites with HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, a full stack web app with Angular, and tinkered with databases in MySQL.

Check out my Portfolio!

Participating in #100DaysOfCode on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/AdhemAzzabi

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